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“Built Joyfull Worlds” : Play learn Papercrafts toys

EDUCATION IS THE PASSPORT TO THE FUTURE, FOR TOMORROW BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT TODAY. Malcolm X  Only those “that prepare future from today” knows the importance of ecolology and education, respect of nature values expressed by using enviromental friendly recyclable and recycled raw materials such as paper and cartboard. 4MAKERS ArtiosCad Users Network (AUNet) join […]

cartboard furnitures meets surface computing technology

“booTable” a piece of ineractive “smart” cartboard made furniture for the living room that builts upon surface computing. After featured at 13th International Conference on “Human-ComputerInteraction” at San Diego California, all cartboard furnitures goes for recycling bringing back to University headquarters only hardware saving transport expenses and respect enviroment sustainability rules. Xenofon Ritsopoulos Design Maker and Informatics Institute of Technology and Research Foundation at University of […]

Paperartisans Welcome!!

Siamo ARTIGIANI DEL CARTONE​, ci piace viaggiare leggeri, e disegnare sulla sabbia d’estate. Ci piace “sporcarsi le mani” e giocare con la carta e i materiali ecosostenibili leggeri e morbidi. Esperienze manuali, workshop di progettazione e prototipazione, arredi e giochi sono i nostri prodotti per vivere, imparare facendo e condividere momenti creativi con tutti voi.   We are PAPERARTISANS, we travelling light […]